Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Quiz 4: Answers

Quiz 4: 31st Aug 2011

Identify the personality.

                        Sanjay Jha, CEO of Motorola

2. Birth Stone: Turquoise, Birth Flower: Narcissus.Which month of the year we are talking about?

3. Connect the following to a personality: French Revolution, Death of Diana, Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, Apollo Moon Landing, 9 / 11 disaster.

4. The term is typically applied to those whose height is not just in the upper 1% of the population but several standard deviation above mean for persons of the same sex, age, and ethnic ancestry. The term is seldom applied to those who are simply "tall" or "above average" whose heights appear to be the healthy result of normal genetics and nutrition. Which term we are talking about?


5. This word in “Hindi” means Light.  It is the seventh month of lunisolar Hindu calendar and sixth month of the Solar Bengali calendar. What is the word?


6. It is a distributed computing project in the fields of economics, Finance and Stock Markets, that generates stock forecasts by application of artificial intelligence with the aid of artificial neural networks The idea was first conceived in an economics thesis on stock forecasts with the aid of artificial neural networks at the University of Heidelberg. This system was then developed by i42 GmbH, Mannheim, who added some innovative features to the original idea. Name the computing system?

                                    Money Bee

Genus Santalam is the name of this plant. What is derived from this plant?


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