Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Quiz 25: 21st September 2011

Q1. He went to Bob Charlton’s football school and wrote his autobiography "I've probably had more contact with Judaism than with any other religion” He also was named as the FIFA player of the year for 2 years and was the highest payed player for the year 2004. Name the player?
Q2. ‘Veritas’ is the motto of this institution. Name this famous university?
Q3. photo of Johan Cruyff
He successfully helped a club to win four consecutive La Liga titles. Name the man and the club he helped
Q4. Designed by Chicago based architects, Perkins & Will and costing 1-2billion dollars, it is named after the mythical island in Atlantic. Name this constuction?
Q5. Started by John who manufactured tea and coffee at Bull Street in Birmingham he partnered with his brother Benjamin and opened his first factory at Bridge street. Name this famous company?
Q6. What was first drawn by Montana and Written by Vic Bloom on December 22, 1941?
Q7. Identify.


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