Friday, 16 September 2011

Quiz 20: 16th September 2011

Q1. In late 1988 he entered Harvard law school. He was then selected as the editor for the Harvard Law Review at the end of his first year and then president of his journal in his second year. He then wrote a book about race relations. His manuscript was published in mid 1995 as “Dreams from My Father”. Name this known gentleman?
Q2. Grown up at Rajendra Nagar neighbourhood and attended St. Columba’s School where he won the sword of honour because he best represented the spirit of the school. There are two books written on him by Nasreen munni kabir titled “The inner and outer world of ____________” Name this known personality?
Q3. Started the first show with the anchors Lee Leonard and George Grande. The first live score received was from the women’s tennis from the final week of the US Open. Which is this very famous channel?
Q4. Identify the club from its first ever crest.
Q5. It was designed by Elizabeth Magie and Charles Darrow. This game was originally created by a lady called Elizabeth J. Magie Phillips to explain the tax theory to Henry George. Name this famous game?
Q6. It is the parent company of Rolls Royce and this is a picture of the headquarters of this company. Name this automobile giant?
Q7. Ryan Friedlinghaus - Founder and CEO
Amy – President
Name this car remodeling company?

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