Sunday, 25 September 2011

Quiz 29: 25th September 2011

Q1. In 2010 this country became the solar power world leader overtaking the United States massive power plant called La Florida. The name of its solar power tower is PS10. Alberto Contador is a leading cyclist and is from this country. Name this country?

Q2.  She was born in Mangalore and she has an elder brother aditya. When she was in 9th standard she modeled for Camlin pencils and her first movie was Iruvar. Name the actress?

Q3. The Chinese name of this company "association" or "connected thinking" but can also imply creativity. The name was changed from Legend because it conflicted with other trademarks registered in the West. Name the company?

Q4. Which 1975 Indian film directed by Gulzar is loosely based on the story “Weather", from the novel, The Judas Tree, by A.J.Cronin?

Q5. These are cages, cylinders or boxes filled with soil or sand that are used in Civil Engineering, road building and military applications. In Civil Engineering ______ wall is a retaining wall made of rectangular containers (baskets) fabricated of thick galvanized wire, which are filled with stone and stacked on one another, usually in tiers that step back with the slope rather than vertically. Leonardo da Vinci designed a type of ___________ calleda Corbeille Leonard for the foundation of the San Marco castle in Milan. Fill in the Blanks

Connect to a famous personality.

 Populaised terms such as “McJob” and “Generation X”

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