Friday, 28 October 2011

Quiz 61:28th October 2011

Q1. Bungie and 343 industries are few of developers of this game and it is owned by Microsoft Studios. “Combat evolved” was the name of it first version whereas “Reach” is the name of its latest release. The game is based on the experiences of Master Chief John-117 and his companion Cortana. Name this game. 
Q2. In 2002 he won the award from the International Indian Film Academy for “Face of the Year” and Actress Kim Sharma is his cousin. “Chasing Ganesha Films” is the name of his production house. I see you were the first film which he produced. He has opened up a hotel with the name LAP (Lounge and Party). Name this actor.
Q3. Robert B. Zoellick is the president of this organization and it is one of the five institutions created at the Bretton Woods Conference in the year 1944. CIA (Clean Air Initiative) is an initiative taken by this organization. “Development Business” is the official source for the organizations Procurement notices, contract awards and project approvals. Name this organization.
Q4. His famous name is “The Franchise” and has been trained by Dominic DeNucci. He has married Carla Marie Reeves and the name of his son is Connor. He has won the ECW World Heavy Weight Championship four times. Name this wrestler.
Q5. Jerry Mateparae is the governor general and John Key is the President of this place. It is also referred to as the “land of the long white cloud”. James Cook has named this country and Steward Island is one of the famous islands on that country. Its calling code is +64. Name this country.
Q6. Connect.
Q7. Connect.

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