Thursday, 20 October 2011

Quiz 23: Answers

Q1. The fibres of this plant have been found in a prehistoric cave that date to 30,000 BC in the Republic of Georgia. This is known as Aalas in Nepali, Agasi in Kannada and Alashi in Marathi. Which one we are talking about?


Q2. Identify

                                Carl Barks

Q3. What is the product?

                1971 – Plastic
                1985 – Alpine Granite Rock
                1987 – Mother of Pearl
                1988 – Wood


Q4. His Grandfather founded the “Kowloon Bus Company”. He was the founder of Shanghai Tang fashion chain, which he sold in 2006 to Richemont. He was also the founder of Pacific Cigar Company. Name the personality.

                                Sir Tang Shui-Kin

Q5. Which word means ‘valley of the deer’ in Gaelic, hence the presence of deer symbol on its product?


Q6. Connect
                             John Abraham

Q7. He was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia in 2004 when he was half way through his film, the title of which shares the same name as that of a 1957 film. He was immediately hospitalized; his doctors announced that he had two months to live. He even directed parts of the film from his hospital bed as shooting could not be cancelled. To complete the film, he would give instructions on a Dictaphone, talking about camera angles and the script.

                   Ernie Davis

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