Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Quiz 52: 19th October 2011

Q1. His sons name is Swayam. “@Da Edge” was the name of his first International album. He is the first Indian singer to sing at the Wembley Arena and the Heineken music hall in Amsterdam. He produced the serial “Andaaz” which featured on Zee TV. Name this musician?

Q2. Identify the initiative/organization.

Q3. Identify.


Q4. Minoru Yamasaki designed this complex and it was inaugurated on 4th April 1973. “Windows of the World” was the name of a restaurant in this complex. The documentary film “Man on Wire” featured this complex. In 1995 PCA World Chess Championship was held here. Identify the complex.

Q5. She is said to be the only lady to have the status of being first lady of two different countries. In 1998 she was one of the two winners of the “North-South prize”. She is an international advocate for women’s and children’s rights and in 1997 was made a British dame for her humanitarian work. Name this personality.

Q6. Baudouin Prot is the CEO of this organization. It is the largest global banking group in the world with its second global headquarters in London. They have completed 150 years of presence in India. Name this organization.

Q7. The other name for this disease is “Hansen’s disease”. Studies show that this disease can be transmitted to humans via Armadillos. 30th January is the day dedicated to this disease for increasing awareness. Name this disease.

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