Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Quiz 59:26th October 2011

Q1. He started the band “The Royal Canadians” and he is also an important figure in hydroplane, winning the Gold Cup in 1946. He was the reigning US champion from 1946 to 1949. His middle name is Alberto and the name of his siblings is Carmen, Lebert and Victor. Name this violinist.

Q2. Identify.


Q3. This company has the third largest software revenue and its CEO is the highest paid executive in the world. Bob Miner was one of the founders of the company. It rose to success because it used the C programming language in all its products. Name this company.

Q4. Jess Cliffe is the name of one of its designers. This game is developed by Valve Corporation and in the year 2008 it was the most played game throughout the world. Steam is the distributor for this game. Name this game.

Q5. Penelope Wensley is the Governor of this state. Mt. Bartle Frere is the highest point on this state and the Gold Coast and the Hervey Bay are two famous tourist places on this state. This state is the house to Cairns International Airport and also the Bond University. Name this state.

Q6. She won the all Asian Tennis Championship and won the Asian ladies title at the age of 22. Her husband’s name is Brij and her daughter’s name is Saina. She has received the Ramsaysay award and also the Presidents Gallantry award. She began her career as a Political science lecturer in Khalsa College and then she went on to get into government service. Name this lady.

Q7. Connect to a company.  


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