Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I-Quiz 2011 Marktrix- Prelims questions and answers

Q1.Who did corporation bank chose as brand ambassador of 'Know your customer norms?'


Q2.Which cable television network was started by Scott Rasmusen and his father Bill Rasmusen with a   $9000 cash advance on a credit card: ESPN, HBO or Fashion TV?


Q3.The first edition of which almanac included items such as dates of battles in the English Civil war, the winners of the oaks and an account of the trial of Charles 1?


Q4.In norway it is called 'Gule Sidea',  in Ireland as'Golden Pages', in Belgium as'Pages of Or'.What is it commonly known as?

A4.Yellow Pages

Q5.In India the budget date is fixed by_____________?


Q6.In 1969, a radio transponder of which brand relayed the first words from the moon to earth?


Q7.Which monument consumes two tons of paper every year in order to issue annual tickets?

A7.Eiffel tower

Q8.Which mughal emporer ended a tax called jiziya that had been imposed on non-muslims?


Q9.In 1880 who financed the volta laboratory where he invented the gramaphone along with Charles S Tainter with a prize money of $10000?

A9.Alexander Grahambell

Q10.Which Maltese was appointed ambassador for the European year of creativity and innovation 2009 by the European union/

A10.Edward de bono

Q11.Which brand introduced the first ever left handers shirt in India?

A11.Louie Phillipe

Q12.Which magazine is credited with introducing the term’soap opera’:Time,The Economist,Newsweek?


Q13.Connect a section of the indian Penal Code and the ISD code of the Czech Republic?


Q14.Who founded the independent labour party in1936 for the human rights of untouchable workers in India?

A14.Dr. B R Ambedkar

Q15.Complete this sentence with two words ’Jumbo King is India’s first branded?

A15.Vada Pav

Q16.In the 1970’s which management writer coined the term’Demarketing ‘ along with Sydney J Levy?

A16.Philip Kotler

Q17.’Presenter’ was the original name of which Microsoft product/software?

A17.Power Point

Q18.Which baggage manufacturer name originated from a biblical hero whose strength lay in his long hair?


Q19.In the UK it is’autocue’ how is it known in USA?


Q20.In 1986-87 which advertising legend set up Hansa vision for quality television programming?

A20.RK Swamy

Q21.After which Hindu God have the Shram Vir National Awards been renamed?

A21.Vishwa Karma

Q22.Which famous singer used to charge 1 re. less than Lata Mangeshkar, to show his respect for her and her senority?

A22.Kishore Kumar

Q23.Which is the most commonly used liquid in air pollution control and emission testing applications?


Q24.Which banks officially estimate of the size of economics is known as the atlas method?

A24.World Bank

Q25.For centuries, Anniable Gaummerelli has been the official outfitters of:The Pope, The Queen and King of England or the rulers of Jaipur?


Q26.______________ Transport Corporation is the first in India to have inducted CNG buses in its city fleet. Name the city?


Q27.After seeing the display cases of the royal mummies in the collection of the Egyptian museum in Cairo, the national physical lab of India ordered a similar display case to preserve what?

A27. Constitution of India
Q28. How are the three detectives from Charles Townsends detective agency popularly known as?

A28. Charlie’s Angels

Q29. Salzburg Airport in Austria is named after which famous composer?

A29. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Q30. In 1916, which eminent lawyer defended Bal Gangadhar Tilak in the last trial he faced?

A30. Muhammad Ali Jinnah

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