Sunday, 4 December 2011

Quiz 79: Answers

Q1. He was trained as a batsman by his first coach, Charanjit Singh Bhullar. His test debut was against Australia and he is said to be the most famous player after Sachin Tendulkar in the history of Indian cricket. He became the first Indian bowler to take a hat-trick. Name this cricketer.
                        Harbhajan Singh
Q2. ‘Bilady, Bilady, Bilady’ is the name of this country’s national anthem. Essam Sharef is the name of the Prime Minister of this country. The earlier name of this country is Kemet, which means ‘black land’. Name this country.
Q3. Her father Viktor was a leading hammer thrower and her mother Nadezhda Ilyina won a bronze medal in 1976 Olympics in the 400 meter relay. Her highest ranking has been No. 3 in 2005 but her current ranking is No. 13. She is currently coached by Vladimir Platenik. Name this player.
                        Nadid Petrova

Q4. The school is a public-private partnership by two senior executives of McKinsey and Company in cooperation with the Government of India. Unfortunately 2 of its founder members and one of the board members were involved in scams. Name this institute.
                        ISB, Hyderabad

Q5. The developers for this game are ‘Black Box Games’ and ‘Slightly Mad Studios’. The first release was in 1994 and the latest release is ‘The Run’. In Japan, the series of this game was released as ‘Over Drivin’. Cars in the franchise are divided into four categories, the exotic cars, the muscle cars, the tuners, and special vehicles. Name this game

Q6. Identify

                        Sam Walton, founder of Walmart

Q7. Connect ‘Worli’ &

R K Laxman (Common man statue at Worli, ‘You Said It’ column in TOI, Writer of movie ‘Guide’

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