Thursday, 3 November 2011

Quiz 67:3rd November 2011

Q1. According to a legend, when an Indian chief was scouting for a location to build a new capital city, he saw an eagle devouring a snake on a cactus tree. Impressed by this incident, he decided to build the city on that spot. This incident is now displayed on that country’s flag. Name the city and the country.

Q2. The title of ‘poet laureate’ is given to an eminent poet in Britain. With this title, he becomes a member of a royal household and is in charge of composing appropriate verses for court and state occasions. Who was the first official British poet laureate, appointed in 1668?

Q3. How many words in the Indian language contain the vowels a, e, i, o and u, in their proper alphabetical order, appearing only once each? What are they?

Q4. Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen are 4 of 6 elements which make a ore 95% of all living matter. What are the other two?

Q5. In 1616 Ben Johnson was named England’s first poet laureate however, the title did not become an official royal office until 1668. Who was the first to be so appointed?

Q6. Identify.



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